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Double-Sized Agent Ch. 1 :iconghostunknown:ghostunknown 91 15
One Winter Night
     I was outside alone walking downtown in the middle of the night.  I could hear all the crickets chirping in the dark.  I was just out with some friends and was on my way walking back home in the chilling Antarctic cold.  I hated it, but for only one reason: there was no snow.  It was the winter season, a season that brought pure, brute winds of bitter chill.  As I walked down the street I could see small icicles forming on the walls and scaffolding of almost all the buildings I passed.  It was raining a couple days ago and continued until yesterday.  It was until the sudden cold front that the dampness developed icicles.  It was about time it got this cold, there has never been a time that the thermometer in the car dropped below thirty degrees Fahrenheit and never been a time where it snowed.  I hated it, absolutely hated it.  
:iconghostunknown:ghostunknown 17 3
Mature content
The Steam Room :iconghostunknown:ghostunknown 123 15
Mature content
Her Own Experiment Ch3 :iconghostunknown:ghostunknown 64 18
Mature content
Her Own Experiment Ch2 :iconghostunknown:ghostunknown 63 10
Mature content
Her Own Experiment Ch1 :iconghostunknown:ghostunknown 87 5
The Little Black Box
Warning:  This story contains elements of weight gain, inflation, and other growing sexual themes.  If you are offended by any of this, CLICK BACK!
Janet unlocks the door to room 306 up in the apartment building.  Her boyfriend had moved in with her last week and the apartment was still a mess with cardboard boxes filled with Zack's junk.  She drops her bags flat on the floor and goes to hang up her jacket before seeing the little black box on the table.  'About time that jerk got me a gift after what he said last night.' she thought.
Here's what happened: she and her boyfriend Zack were making out in bed passionately.  For some reason Janet had asked him in the middle of sex, "Baby, what would you say makes the perfect woman?" His response was one that no woman in the world would want to hear.  
Zack laughed, "The bigger they are, the bigger they f--k."
Janet didn't hesitate one second until slapping h
:iconghostunknown:ghostunknown 124 3
Mature content
Luck of a Myth: A WG Short :iconghostunknown:ghostunknown 49 8
Trapped With Temptation WIP
WARNING: The following contains all kinds of female weight gain and expansion.  If you are offended by any of this, DO NOT READ!
          "HEY LET ME GO!" Mark panicked. It was all he could do, scream. He could only feel the cold metal on his wrists, the tight grip on his arms, and the burns on his legs as they were dragged across the floor. His eyes were covered by a bag over his head and his wrists were bind tight. It was vague of how all of this started.  All he remembered was that he was in his pajamas sleeping  then all of a sudden his door was bashed open and the room filled with smoke.  Mark passed out and the next thing he knew, he was getting dragged on the floor. Mark couldn't help but to panic. It was his worst nightmare, yet he doesn't know that it's just the beginning of the worst.
       After minutes of brutality, he stopped moving. 'What's going
:iconghostunknown:ghostunknown 30 12
Just Fiction WG
Just Fiction WG
by GhostUnknown
       Caleb has a passion for writing.  Words were his kind of thing.  Most guys at school can't stand having to do with writing essays and all that, but Caleb on the other hand has a hobby out of writing.  Not only does he write a lot, but he actually has an incredible writing style. The thing is, no one knows about his talent.  Although he has published his works on the web.  He’s on several websites where he publishes his fictional works online.  He has gotten feedback always saying how great of an imagination he has in all of his stories.  He’s written everything from sci-fi, to romance, to even the darkest of horror.  But out of all of them, there’s one genre he truly stands out the most:  Erotic WG stories.
     He has a separate account on a popular literary community website where under an anonymous name he creates a bundle of original and very creating sexual stories about girls that gain weight into all shapes and sizes. 
:iconghostunknown:ghostunknown 73 14
The Bar Fight WG
     It’s the weekend, and everyone’s at O’Riely’s Pubs+Grill for the night.  It was a big night too, it was game 3 of the Chicago Cubs vs. White Sox ‘Cross-Town Rivalry’ series.  The Sox won the first game, but the Cubs came back with a walk-off homerun thriller to tie the series.  Right now Sox lead 2-1 in the bottom of the fourth.  But here, no one has actually taken it seriously.  Its for the most part a friend’s night out, drinking and having fun.  Some of them would rip on each other once in a while, but it was all in good fun.  There hasn’t been any serious fights or arguments, until tonight that is.
     There was a couple of single girls at the bar who were drinking one too many gentonics,  One was a blonde, Lauren, in a cubby blue shirt and the other, Dana, in a black Sox tank top with hair to match the team color.  The were watching the game on the LCD TV’s very closely.  The Cubs just hit a ball down left field for an RBI single
:iconghostunknown:ghostunknown 58 0
Photoshop WG
Photoshop WG
     Jenna needed an art class for high school to fill her fine art requirement.  She couldn’t draw, so Art 101 was out of the question.  She never played an instrument before nor can’t she sing, so Band and Chorus was out of the way.  So the dark haired, tan and slim girl had one last choice on the list:  Computer Arts.
     The class primarily taught about how art is created with using computer technology and all that.  Everything from creating it on the Mac in class to printing it on the old printing press.  It was a hassle for someone for Jenna, a constant texter and anonymous blogger.  She barely even used the laptop she has at home.  Luckily, the teacher made everything a lot simpler when he taught the instructions in class.  A weirdo for sure, an old guy with white hair and wrinkles, but he’s had a long experience
:iconghostunknown:ghostunknown 796 61
I Love You My BBW
I love you my big darling
You’re my little tweety bird.
When I say you're truely startling
I'm a man of my word.
Your big belly lays on its side
It pokes out a bit of flab.
As I see you there in pride
Wanting to be grabbed.
When you lushious butt sways from side to side
I can't help but to look.
I just can't get it out of my mind
I'm like a fish on a hook.
You're stuffed breasts have caught me
They took me at the start.
But like my parent always tought me,
Only look at the size of her heart.
Your love is big as your hunger
As nice as a spring flower.
When your stomach thunders
I can only smile and wonder.
When you're full of food
You sigh and giggle.
At way you're belly viewed
As it started to jiggle.
The sweets filled your soft belly
Like how you're love filled my soul.
Your fat jiggles like jelly
When you ate the dessert whole.
Your belly has grown even more
Comsming like it doesn’t care.
So when I cuddle with your core
It feels like a pillow filled with air.
You are my big
:iconghostunknown:ghostunknown 24 3
I Met Her At Jewel Ch. 3
I Met Her At Jewel Ch. 3           
          For the rest of the day, Alexa and Mac continued their respectful shifts at  Jewel.  The two established a friendship that day.  Plus, Mac had finally calmed down, or at  least for the rest of that day.  They were like to peas in a pod.  When Mac came to bag for  Alexa before his little mental episode, they had the best time through the worst of  customers.  Then up on the break room, they became really good friends.  Alexa never actually  had a guy-friend before, but Mac was something else.  He was something special to  Alexa.  After their long day at Jewel,  Alexa couldn't help but to think:   
"Does that boy actually like me?"
       That night Alexa went home and looked at herself in the mirror.  She looked at the fat  underneath her pajamas.  She didn't mind being fat, she'd always liked it actually.  She like  how her girth was proportioned perfectly into large define curves.  Her belly w
:iconghostunknown:ghostunknown 27 13
I Met Her At Jewel Ch. 2
I Met Her At Jewel: Ch.2
          Mac ran upstairs and sat down at a table in the small break room. No one else was up there with him so he had all the time to himself.  He took a deep breath and wiped the sweat from his brow.
“Wow, what the hell happened to me there?  That was way to close for comfort.” he told himself.
          He promised himself from there on, no more Alexa or any other fat fantasy in his head ever again.  He made the deal with himself and laid his head down and fell asleep.
“Its been a long day hasn’t it?”
          Mac immediately recognized the voice and woke up in shock.  It was his little friend Alexa again.  She sat down across from him with a bag of chicken fingers and a bottle of Coke..
“Totally. I’m so tired right now.  I didn’t fall asleep at all last night and the labor here is extremely brutal.”
“And yet its been only half the day so far right for you right?”
“Its 4:33, your rig
:iconghostunknown:ghostunknown 22 0
Alexa: Her Story
Alexa’s Background
          Alexa used to be a skinny girl in middle school.  She loved having fun with all her friends.  But when she moved away, it changed her life.  She lost all contact with her friends and was deep in depression.  Her happy personality was gone.  Freshman year of high school took its toll on her.  She was shy and no one didn't really want to be her friend.  Alexa felt empty inside, so she used food to fill the void.  That year, her constant binging made her from being 110 to 180 that year.  Her parents were extremely concerned about her health.  So the next year they tried to get her on a diet, but that did no good.  It only slowed down her progressing weight gain.  She would sneak in sweets in to her room and go out to the fast-food restaurants across the street during her lunch period.  By the end of that year, she was well over the 200 pound mark.
          The next summer, she moved again in to a new neighborhood.  Luckily for her, she became best
:iconghostunknown:ghostunknown 34 3

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Hello everyone!

Quick update here.  Spring semester has started and right off the bat I've been busy with a couple big group projects for a couple classes.  Hopefully we'll do a good job!

Story-wise, I took the liberty of reading through all of my stories and editing any mistakes I've made.  So far there were many things I've overlooked, and they've been posted for years. Yikes!  So got a couple of them edited and going on one after the other.  There's a couple I'm debating rewriting.  One for sure is the Little Black Box short story.  It's a bit of a mess, not going to lie.  I'm re-writing it to sound a little better.  

It's kind of nice to see how far I've come with some of these stories.  I used to be alright with descriptions and stuff, but I've been out of the game for so long I've lost my touch.  Maybe these old stories will help me get back on the right track of things.

That's it for now, take care everyone and stay warm! (it's single digits right now brrrrrrrrr...

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